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four different views of an open box with wood in it, and the bottom one is empty
Menzo Men’s Soap (Student Project)
Menzo Men's #Soap #packaging by Yu-Heng Lin
the instructions for how to make an origami box
40 Amazing Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas You can Make Yourself
Origami pyramid gift boxes:
instructions to make a paper bag with white tissue and some brown paper on the side
Bolsitas de jabones de té
four images showing how to make an envelope with money and scissors on the table next to it
How to Package Homemade Soap
packaging homemade soap
a piece of paper attached to a clipboard with the word satsuki on it
This packaging reminds me of the library. -con broche y tarjetita
some type of paper that is laying on the ground next to other pieces of paper
Paper goods & Rubber Stamp
I love how simple this enlarged sans serif looks - but it is still playful and makes you want to engage with the package-turn it over to read the full text and label
several small bags with different designs on them
four tea bags sitting on top of a wooden table
The Woods by Teak & Twine | Oh Keats soap
an image of three different colored papers with one being cut out and the other is folded up
Colorful FLOAT Soap Is Inspired By Art... - a grouped images picture
Colorful FLOAT Soap Is Inspired By Art
a black bag with the word chanel on it laying on a white bed sheet
....Anything will do...Chanel....x
an instagram page with the words give the gift of tea and doily on it
Give the Gift of Tea
Give the Gift of Tea | Camille Styles