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a painting of a person floating in the water surrounded by flowers and plants, with a purple
The Lighthouse: A Journey Through 365 Days of Self-Love
an image of a bird with many colors on it
a wooden vase sitting on top of a colorful cloth
What Are the Coronavirus Risks with Ayahuasca Ceremonies?
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Eleven Otherworldly Visionary and Ayahuasca Artists You Probably Don’t Know
a painting of a woman with her hands on her chest, surrounded by swirls and stars
Tantra, Divine Union and Polyamory: A Look At Progressive Sexual Platforms - Fractal Enlightenment
Tantra, Divine Union and Polyamory: A Look At Progressive Sexual Platforms
a painting of a hand holding a hummingbird in it's outstretched arms, with swirly green background
La leyenda del colibrí: el ave mágica maya
La leyenda del colibrí: ave mágica de la civilización maya
an angel surrounded by three other angels in the sky and on top of a tree
Alchemical Metamorphosis
The Vision of Hermes Trismegistus by Johfra Bosschart
a painting with words written in german on the front and back cover, which reads alles entseit aus unserer gedenewel?
Ayahuasca Safety Precautions: By Sabrina Reber
an image of a woman surrounded by other things in the background, with text underneath it
La Federación de la Luz a través de Blossom Goodchild
@solitalo Blossom: ¡Hola! Me preguntaba si estás allí hoy, como he intentado comunicarme ya dos veces antes de esta semana, y… ¡nada! ¡Nada! ¿Hay alguien ahí? La Federación de la Luz: Querida…
an artistic painting with blue eyes and stars
A teardrop by Chirila Corina
a tear on your face.... painting
the seven chakras surrounded by fire and lightning
L' Éveil spirituel et une période où se passent beaucoup d'événements intérieurs. On les reconnaît grâce à plusieurs symptômes qui apparaisse dans nos vies. Le fait de pas toujours comprendre ce qui ce passe dans notre corps peut laisser place a quelque inquiétude et de la frustration ! Il faut savoir accepter et avoir le sentiment d'être une nouvelle personne.
a painting of a woman sitting in the water
Seren Bertrand - Feminine Myth, Magic & Mysteries
These feminine healing arts are powerful and simple – they invite us to create sacred space in the midst of our modern lives, and include our womb in our ...