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Samsung Smart Home App Concept by Ali Rahmoun, via Behance

Experimenting with different styles and futuristic concepts whilst incorporating…

Push. Animation. on

Push. Animation.

Oltiva Solutions Web by Nohemi Olvera, via Behance

This colourful weather app was inspired by Windows 8 Metro tiles and designed for Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad. Showcase below is from the main page and current location page. it is possible to navigate between locations, default is found by you …

For a company that competes with Windows, this design sure looks a lot like "live tiles". It's a great look though

UI inspiration: Great App & Web Designs

Great Simple UI by Alexey Rybin

How to tame the Windows 8 Metro Start screen

The Windows 8 Metro Start screen can quickly get overrun with a huge number of tiles, making it hard to find the app you need. How can you manage this mishmash?