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Game Animation Portfolio 2013

Game Animation Portfolio 2013 on Vimeo

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Marcellis Wentz - 2012 Gameplay Animation Reel - Halo 4

Marcellis Wentz - 2012 Gameplay Animation Reel - Halo 4 on Vimeo

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Videogame animation reel

Videogame animation reel | 09.2011

Mark Cosio DemoReel 2014

Mark Cosio Animator at Monolith Studios Here’s some of my work from Shadow of Mordor. I am an animator for Monolith Studios and my key roles on this project was mocap clean up, hand keying animations, mocap acting and combat choreography. A majority of the work shown here was done with mocap as a base to start with and then altered pretty heavily afterwards and polished. Other animations were just hand keyed work or a mix of hand keyed and mocap.

Game Animation Demo Reel

Game Animation Demo Reel on Vimeo

Dennis Pena God of War Ascension Animation

My animation demo reel for God of War Ascension. A very challenging project--my first AAA' boss battle to be responsible for. Despite the technical limitations, the long work hours, endless requests from departments that drive you bonkers, I think the battle visually turned out well. All key-frame animation, character, cameras and environment animations. Thanks for watching!

Michael Shin - Game Animation Reel

2014 game animation show reel - YouTube

3D Animator "Madframe" Player Character Animation Portfolio