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Alla Ponomareva Photography

Portrait and Travel photographer Alla Ponomareva is based in Daejeon, South Korea.
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Alla Ponomareva ----- Photo Essays and Travel Tips from Daejeon's Family and Portrait Photographer

Happy New Year from Alla Ponomareva Photography

Year 2016 was a year full of photographic accomplishments. Even though I’ve been heavily involved with this hobby for about 6 years, it’s always exciting what new ideas, projects and opportunities come my way. Let’s see what top 10 images I’ve chosen from this year and how they have helped me grow as a photographer […]

When I think of reasons why I would ever trade my life and job in Korea for Japan, Ramen soup automatically comes to mind! But now I don’t have to entertain that idea, because the gods of Ramen have descended into a tiny shop on the main street in Itaewon, called Menya Sandaime 멘야 산다이메. Located […]

Daejeon Photography Competition 2016

Daejeon Photography Competition 2016

Every year, the Tourism Organization for the City of Daejeon hosts a competition, giving away

The Daejeon Artist Collective is wrapping up its 10th show as we speak (tomorrow is the last day for the public 9-6 pm) and I can’t feel anything but pride for my fellow members and friends. Over the years we’ve all dabbled in various types of art and expression, showcased in galleries cross town from […]

The Daejeon Arts Collective (DJAC) has been around since 2011 with more than 50 members having been a part of the collective since. The Daejeon Arts Collective hosts exhibitions twice a year and has become an important element in the international community of Daejeon. Artists in the collective present a wide variety of work, including (but […]