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an image of a drawing of a camera
fedriosdesign Measuring tape doodles. Trying out a new inking brush on this one. . 115 / 365 .
a drawing of a refrigerator on top of a table next to a pen and paper
1,965 Me gusta, 6 comentarios - Everyday Design (@everydaydesignuk) en Instagram: "Hump day Going head first into the weekend from here . Check our this water purifier sketch by…"
the diagram shows how to use different shapes and sizes
basics - Delft Design Drawing
three different angles of a table and chair with one end open, the other closed
Fino Collection
Design sketches
an artistic drawing of many electronic devices in the shape of cubes and rectangles
#industrial #design #id #product #sketch
an orange and black speaker with instructions on the side, sitting next to each other
Sketching Samples - Alfredo Carreno Industrial Design Works
some drawings are shown in black and white, with numbers on the bottom left side
Braun x WWU X Pensar Project
Braun x WWU ID on Behance
a drawing of different types of hairdryer and accessories for the woman's hairs
sketches of laptops and other electronic devices
Design Sketch
Design Sketch by Hank (Chien-Cheng) Chen at
some sketches of different types of furniture
Sketches by Jihoon Kim at
some kind of electronic device that is sketchesed
Sketch Work
#id #industrial #design #product #sketch
sketches of electronic devices and their components
Design Sketch
Design Sketch by Hank (Chien-Cheng) Chen at
a drawing of a computer mouse on top of a white surface with lines coming out of it
Sketchbook Pro Demo Work - Jet Ski
Sketchbook Pro Demo Work - Jet Ski by Jeff Smith at
the concept design for an electric vehicle
Design Sketch
design sketch