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an old black and white photo of three women in kimonos
OIRAN -- QUEEN OF THE PROSTITUES -- or, Setting an Example For the Young Girls of Old Japan (#6)
the history of japanese women's hairs and makeup styles info sheet for each woman
Fashionable Lady of Heian/Fujiwara Japan by lilsuika on DeviantArt
how to use chopsticks info sheet with instructions on how to use chopsticks
Global Etiquette Encyclopedia for a New Millennium
an instruction guide for how to wrap your wrist and hand with the help of orthopedic splint
Overview of Dislocations - Injuries and Poisoning - Merck Manual Consumer Version
Japan Fashion, Kimono Fashion, Kimono Japan, Kimono Design
Jewelry |
the history of japanese women's hairs and hair styles, from ancient times to today
Fashionable Japan: 1910s-1920s by lilsuika on DeviantArt