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four different images of people with hair and clothes on their heads, one in black and the other in white
Akatre – Atelier de Design Graphique #art -
a man with long hair and a boat on top of his head in front of a white wall
Joan Casellas b.1960
two people doing handstands on the ground in front of a large suspension bridge
THIS LEAK by EP. A work by Juanma Carrillo And Félix Fernández (music Rubeck)
a man with his face painted in black and white lines on it's face
White party
"The beginning" of the series "White party" | Félix Fernández (2006)
a man in black shirt standing next to two men sitting on the floor with large tires
More, more, more!
Performance, Felix Fernandez
Felix Fernandez´s portrait made by Jesús Madriñán. Hats
Felix Fernandez´s portrait made by Jesús Madriñán.
AMAYA GONZÁLEZ REYES Neck Dress, High Neck, High Neck Dress, Maxi Dress
six black and white photos of a man in a suit with his arms raised up
Zaj, el arte como rebeldía
Se cumplen hoy 50 años de la primera 'performance' del colectivo artístico fundado por Walter Marchetti, Juan Hidalgo y Ramón Barce, al que se sumó más tarde Esther Ferrer, último Premio Velázquez
two men standing next to each other in front of a light
El caballero con la mano en el pecho. 1968 Grupo Zaj: Juan Hidalgo y Esther Ferrer
two men are kissing each other while one man is wearing a green shirt
Juan Hidalgo UN BESO MÁS
two men are holding up a cardboard sign
Revista de cultura y artes referente en España - en El Español
Los Torreznos y el absurdo cotidiano
LOS TORREZNOS Trousers, Harem Pants, Pants
several chairs are lit up in front of a projector screen
Exposición: "Concha Jerez: Interferencias en los medios" , SALAS 4 Y 5, del 19 de julio, 2014 - 6 de enero, 2015
a person standing in front of a wall with a white sticker on it's back
Nieves Correa