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15 Herramientas para hacer infografías


Romualdo Faura / Snow Infographics

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Per fare un albero. Intelligence in Lifestyle

Proceso creativo #infografía Wanderlust: Process Chart Semester 1 by Drishti Khemani, via Behance

Labor Day by Francesco Franchi, via Flickr

Romualdo Faura / Editorial Illustrations

Analisi Grafica by Francesco Franchi. Published every month on IL – Intelligence in lifestyle

Why "Infographic Thinking" Is The Future, Not A Fad

Infographic thinking" doesn’t let designers to interpret a narrative visually; it lets them invite the viewer [to] join in the process of interpretation, too. It’s what makes infographic design a language, not a formula or a fad. And it’s what sets any superlative infographic apart--regardless of whether it’s hot on Twitter right now, or 200 years old.