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an office with plants and chairs on the floor in front of large windows, near a long red counter
Roar Creates a Detail-Rich HQ for a Dubai Pharma Company
an overhead view of a living room with furniture and a green tree in the center
several different colored chairs sitting in a room next to a counter and planter on the floor
botera . miniforms
a woman sitting on a couch next to a man in a room with wooden floors
two people sitting at desks in an office with large windows and plants on the wall
Japan Association of Athletics Federations office by BROOK Inc.
an overhead view of a living room with green couches and white tables in it
Hotel lobby sofas and waiting room benches for entrances and reception area
an aerial view of the inside of a building with tables, chairs and couches
an overhead view of office cubicles with desks and chairs
O'zone Modular Seating | Desking - Product Page: Genesys Office Furniture Homepage: O'zone Modular Seating | Desking provides areas for individual study, informal meetings and social gatherings.
an office cubicle with several tables and stools around the area, all in different colors
GRA003 Multi-zone collaboration system - Spaceoasis
an overhead view of a library with couches, tables and bookshelves on the floor