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Winners of the 2009 Cleveland Design Competition: Lakefront Station

Architectural poster presentation

Nuevo centro cultural de eventos - Colombia Carolina Henao Salazar, Tomás Del Gallego, Hernán Castaño

Projects presented to the Rome Motorino Check Point International Architecture Competition for Students and Young Graduates Organized by ARC...

이미지 사이즈 : 800 x 1440 이미지 사이즈가 화면보다 큽니다. 왼쪽 버튼을 클릭한 후 마우스를 움직여서 보세요. 더블 클릭하면 닫혀요.

Architectural Presentation Board

Results of the Competition Houses for Change

Structure Before you start creating your presentation boards, take a moment to organise your work. What are you trying to convey? What drawings / images to you have to show as part of your criteria…

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