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Rich Man | Jaehyun [✓]
a young man is talking on his cell phone while wearing a black t - shirt
Ar Photo, Jisung Nct, Kim Jisoo, Photo Card
a person sitting in a car holding a cell phone
(SEGERA TERBIT) Dijodohin sama Chandra || Lee Haechan ft. NCT Dream ot7✔
a young man sitting at a desk in front of a chalkboard
Istri Satu Juta Dolar (KOMPLIT)
a man sitting in a chair holding a coffee cup up to his mouth and looking at the camera
a young man sitting down with his hand up in the air
kelas bucin♡
two people sitting at a counter in a store
a close up of a person with brown hair and an eye ring on his neck
[2] Family with you - Jaehyun✔
Exo Imagines, 얼굴 그리기, Bts And Exo, No. 2
Babysitter | Jung Jaehyun ✘ You (Hiatus)