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I like the rendering of this backpack, but I imagine it as a treasure chest. Ditch the camera lens for the games initials and Voila!


Pretty unique use of the icon as a platform from that perspective. I wonder if there's a way to pose our characters on a similar platform.

They also decorate the icon for holidays. At christmas, it had a santa hat. This was for valentine's day.

Battle Camp changes their icon with most releases, experimenting with different colors and materials but maintaining the memorable icon

Battle Camp started out w/ a simple, very physical-looking icon like this. Pretty memorable icon.

From Dungeon Story. If we had a really iconic weapon, it could stand on its own.

Dungeon floor texture with walls as borders. Initials as icon.

Hearthstone icon I like how Hearthstone and Lionheart both create very physical looking icons that stand out on your phone/ipad. I also like how they don't use a tilted perspective as some similar icons do.