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Phenome is a new brand concept focusing on natural, organic cosmetics which take care both of our skin and our planet. Merging products with high pharmaceutical standards, Phonome have focussed on the product benefits and explicitly communicating who is suited what.

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Focus on customer experience

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Beautific - Their main target are women who are aware of the benefits of cosmeceuticals and can appreciate the results of clinical research and high end care. Products address middle to upper class consumers in both Greek and foreign markets. Products appear pure and simply labelled.

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Proof & Company is a curator and seller of small batch, independent and mostly award-winning spirits. Artisinal brands are available to a select few due to small batch process and restricted availability. Customers are able to mix and match according to personal preference.

A choice of cleanses come in 3, 5 and 7 day durations with a total of 12 packaged juices. Each Juice Cleanse is designed to promote overall health, energy and happiness. The brand language is a development and extension of the Juice Truck identity that uses light humour and direct, no-fuss language and iconography to communicate their products offer.

Specialist products tailored to modern lifestyle and cultural habits.

Body and Eden tonics and elixirs come with a fitting tagline "nourish yourself", reflecting the blend of organic produce and herbal infusions in these drinks. Consumers can choose a tonic dependent on how they want to feel after consumption thanks to bold type and clear language.

Reflect the mood of your target consumer.

Mio is focussed on a physically active consumer who wants their products to reflect and complement their lifestyle. Liquid Yoga's description suggests that the product will be indicative to the yoga experience, offering the same physical and emotional benefits.

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