Acrylic Supplies Reviews

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a book with different colored inks on it
Artistro Acrylic Paint Pens Color Swatches
Artistro acrylic paint pens are my favorite paint pens for wood and rock painting, I made color swatches for the set I have. Highly recommend!
the color chart for watercolor pencils with different colors and names on it, including one
Holbein Acrylic Gouache Color Swatch (+ Review)
I made a color swatch for Holbein acrylic gouache paint set (12 colors) and tested their opacity.
a person holding some paint in their hand with the title hippie crafter acrylic pour paint review
Review for Hippie Crafter Acrylic Paint for Pouring
Interested in pouring but don't want to mix your own paint? I recommend pre-mixed Hippie Crafter paint for pouring - a set of 24 colors has all colors you need for beautiful combinations
the cover of my honest turnner acryl gouache review, with an image of a woman's face
Turner Acryl Gouache Review
Read my honest Turner acryl gouache review to find out why I was so pleasantly surprised by the quality and check the amazing portrait I made with Turner set. Highly recommend Turner acrylic gouache for beginners.
a box filled with different colored acrylic paints and the words my honest pebeo acrylic paint review
Honest Pebeo Acrylic Paint Review
Is Pebeo Studio Acrylic Paint Good? Great! Read my full review to learn about Pebeo acrylic paint colors, opacity, and performance. I bought and tested a whole set.
the winner is awarded in this contest for an art project, which includes acrylic and
Winsor Newton Galeria vs Professional Full Review
Check out my review of Winsor Newton Galeria vs Professional acrylic paint to find out why these are one of my favorite acrylic paint for any techniques and why they Winsor Newton acrylic paint is great, and affordable, for beginner.s
some cookies with butterflies on them and the words inforesins molds review epoxy & jesmoite friendly
My IntoResin Molds Review (Tested With Epoxy & Jesmonite)
Looking for durable silicone molds for epoxy crafts? Intoresin has a large variety of shapes and sizes and I've tested their coaster and tray molds with epoxy resin and Jesmonite.
two bottles of acrylic paint are shown in this ad
Hippie Crafter Acrylic Pour Paint Review
I tested a set of 24 Hippie Crafter acrylic colors for pouring and made a few pouring paintings with them. Sharing my honest experience and why I liked them and what I didn't like
the fabric is being painted with acrylic paint and some other things to use
Best Fabric Permanent Paint for Beginners
Looking for the best permanent fabric paint for beginners? Then visit my blog to check out my review of Mon Marte Fabric Paint. I recently tried it and I was pleasantly surprised with its performance.
three tubes of acrylic paint with the words, my honest liquitex basics
Are Liquitex Basics Acrylics Good? My Review
Check out my detailed review of Liquitex Basics acrylic paint with my real color swatches and performance tests