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three iphones with different screens showing the same time and date as well as numbers
New Logo & Graphic Identity for Holvi by Werklig — BP&O
Holvi by Werklig, Finland. #branding #banking #app
an app showing the time and times for different places in the world, including cities
clock2.jpg by chefe
Design is simple. Being good with time isn't.
Microtransition Add
Microtransition Add by Julian Arnold
an image of some type of sound that is purple
Blocks, by DesignStudio
DesignStudio – Identity system for Blocks by Roli
a flat screen tv sitting on top of a table
Weekly Inspiration for Designers #93
Weekly Inspiration for Designers #93
the year in music logo with a man's face and hands on his chin
Spotify - Year in Music 2015 - Glitch Animations
Spotify - Year in Music 2015 - Glitch Animations
an image of a phone screen with the text heyu on it and several screens showing different
heyu_symu_template.jpg by Jakub Kowalczyk
Heyu symu template
the app shows how to set up an oven
kitchen_temperature_light_2x.png by Michal Parulski
Kitchen temperature light 2x
a large number of black and white lines on a white background, all in different sizes
今年気になった・ダウンロードしたアイコンセット − 2014 - NxWorld
Material Design Icons
an iphone screen showing the weather in paris on sunday, march 20 and 25 with text reading'sunny '
Weather app
Weather app on Behance
an image of a remote control with buttons and symbols on the front side, in black and white
miniLightUI.png by Diego Monzon
UI Design
an electronic clock with the time displayed on it
Industrial Design Trends, Online Courses and Jobs - leManoosh
a hand pressing on the touch screen of a cell phone with icons and symbols above it
Customize your smartphone wallpapers and icons for free.
[Homepack Buzz] Check this awesome homescreen! 김은아 | My Homepack 백업