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Derived from the words "heart" and "crazy" in Spanish, ALMA LOCO Co., Ltd. is an interactive new media art group built around an excellent team of visual artists, sound designers, programmers and hardware engineers. We encompass the arts to provide a full range of visual effects services and design including interactive installations and digital performances, and strive to express the beauty of new media art while maintaining a sense of tradition.
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Lotte Hotel Pool Party was held at the hotel pool " BEYOND THE POOL PARTY ". Thousands White ping-pong balls is installed on the ceiling of the pool to create a screen swaying floated on the water, by detecting the position of a person via the sensors. it is an example that was applied on the water rather than the projection mapping in a fixed screen.

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Interactive Fog Screen exhibit using steam. It does not spread to the space, on the scenery and space the appearance of in the sea and space. Children can touch fog screen directly with a curiosity was reflected through the sensor, various event image can constitute to occur in response to movement of the visitors, visitors will be able to new experiences through across following front of Fog screen.

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Circle vision is a construction has been experience space to Trabaum Art Center. The entire ceiling and walls of a particular space with a lot of projector produce a one of a huge screen. If you want to construction in the dome immersive degree, it can create an exhibition space through a large screen implementation.

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By sensing the movement of the dancer in the sensor, the silhouette is displayed using the LED Matrix. The translucent fabric to create a patch screen on the LED Matrix, An attempt was made to the new production which light and projection image of the LED is displayed mixed effects

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Digital & music is Installed with laser harp and LED scaffolding drum and Cymatics in National Gwacheon Science Museum. The LED light and video match the sound to play the music through the harp and drum, it make the mood of harmony in hall. Cymatics recognizes the frequency of voice which emits the sound toward the microphone visitors and it is the work to visualize the various frequencies of the waveform to the color of the sand

Tree of Life is installed in the amusement care of pediatric cancer ward of Severance Hospital Cancer Center, is an interactive installation work for children. Video display going to create a branch tree usually, when the child approaches you can see the silhouette of a tree and fell from the sky, it has been created so that you can hold in your hands a variety of shaped object

Art Music interactive Package is installed in National Science Museum Hall. It can attract your gaze by using the wall of exhibition hall. Pinwheel perform with the reaction according to the movement of a person using the sensor depending on the distance and position of the person. And the music make a harmony with LED drum and stringless harp.

NIKE_LED Matrix Installation - Location : KOON with a View, Sinsa-dong, Seoul - Technol Nike pop-up store was held in “KOON with a View” is located in the seoul, and installed in the store for the NIKE Tech Pack publicity. By placing the mannequin wearing a new launching the clothes in the LED Matrix made up of a cylinder type, the consumer can enhance the creation publicity effect to have more interest in the product via the LED control of the various patterns it is a work for the…

Wataniya Telecom projection mapping.

The silhouette of visitors to track the sensor ,Korean text hidden in the German newspaper article rear side. If the human silhouette over the image of the button located on the screen left and right, will be moving to the next page with the animation, Rather than merely the audience to read the newspaper, through the interaction of the audience and the work, you will be able to experience the more interesting moods.

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