Oh Sehun
Oh Sehun
Oh Sehun

Oh Sehun

  • South Korea

Happy Birthday! 내가 너무 사랑한다! 나는 당신이 계속 성공합니다. 모든 것이 좋은 부드러운입니다. Happy Jungkook Day!~

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Sehun helping Chanyeol to go to sleep... (5/6)

While sehun looks genuinely scared and lay looks like a proud father in the background

oh god, that body roll, guYS THAT BODY ROLL

Looks like Kai is controlling himself so he won't hit D.O in the head omg those boys

obsessed; depressed - [One-shot/Kaisoo] Repentant Times - Parte II (ii/ii)

Shipping these two is not intentional. It just--happened.

D.O’s cute reaction to jongin’s drawing