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About Us "Practika"

23 8 팔로워

At Practika, we are able to design not only the furniture for normal offices, but also entire corporate. We can design colors, materials, and shapes. Besides, we can meet any requests to your brand, educational institutes, government department, and oversea projects such as Bank in AEC countries, showroom, and accommodation (condo and hospital). Below photos are parts of our works. Practika pays attention to your requirement whatever it is. Please come & talk to us, we can make it come true!


First-time visitors to Practika may be surprised at many little and big ducks crossing the street at the orange crosswalk, also called “crosswalk for ducks”. Besides, they usually take a walk around such areas as parking lot and building. So be nice to those you meet on the way up. They are a part our Practika family! ‪#‎PractikaFuelingDesignsAlive‬

You may wonder what this photo means to be. “Powder Coating Line” This is a production system that Practika sprayes the furniture with a capacity of desaturation the color pigment while it is floating in the air after spraying in order to reuse the color pigment. We care in every detail. It is not only the design for furniture, but we also consider about the resource and environmental saving! ‪#‎PractikaFuelingDesignsAlive‬

Our factory was designed by executive team through their concept of environmental conservation. We consider many factors. For example, ventilation helps the staffs to stay in the office with the temperature using no fan or air-conditioning. Another example, silosafe dust collector causes the clean air without wearing a mask when walking into the factory. Besides, not need to turn on the light in the afternoon 'cause the shining sunlight to the office is enough till end of evening.

Here’s the photos from the inspection day that was the second time of ISO 9001:2008. We warmly welcomed the spectors from BVQI and opened the inspection meeting. Practika is standardized by ISO 9001:2008. We care for both designing and producing in order to provide you the best furniture. ‪#‎PractikaFuelingDesignsAlive‬

Practika always pays attention to staffs about their working, entertainment, and health. Do you remember the time we have shared our exercising moment here? Today, we are sharing the moment when the doctor team from B. Care Medical Center visited us. They came for healthcare consultation and annual checkup. Please everyone takes care of yourselves and pay attention to check-up on a regular basis.

Here’s the pictures from “Big Cleaning Day”. Our staffs helped together to clean up at beside areas of Practika’s building and also the parking lot. It is one of our yearly activities we always do for the cleaned and pleasant house. ‪#‎PractikaFuelingDesignsAlive‬

Practika has activities provided for every staffs with healthy concern. "Fit & Firm Club”, where we look forward to seeing everyone a good working life balances through the work sociality and sustainable health. At Practika, our fitness services are available to support our staffs to workout, together with bathrooms and lockers there. Don’t forget to take care of yourself! ‪#‎PractikaFuelingDesignsAlive‬

"Corporate Identity Project" is one of our works we have done by our experts specialized in production. In order to match the style with the brand, we could answer their requirements such as shape, colors, and functions. Practika is right here for your answer, if you are looking for furniture with the corporate identity to your brand whether it is office, corporate, bank, hospital, or educational places. ‪#‎PractikaFuelingDesignsAlive‬


Here's the pictures of cooperativeness from Practika team! We helped K. Kai, our staff in Production Department 1,who got a house fire by accident. Even though his house was entirely on a fire ruin, but he was encouraged and helped by our team. He is all fine here now! Practika takes care each other like a same family! #PractikaFuelingDesignsAlive