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Want to know where to go for a girls night out, or romantic getaway with your significant other? Maybe a spot for a quick lunch run? Or a store with the latest Gucci hand bag! On Line will review the best spots for you!
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Lets Talk Tech! StumbleUpon: It's a must-have app mainly due to its practical, well-organised and not to mention free status. You utilise the app to appropriately customise your feed so that if your preferences are music, fashion, sports and/or technology, the app handles this and curates what you desire. It sifts through the Internet for the best content from each specific field and brings multimedia and articles to you in droves. Get more info here:

Hot or Not: has found a way to capitalise on the age of selfie’s and pics from parties which we love to share! They’ve invested in a sleek app geared towards the partying crowd and in short, it's about 'hottie judgement' where users of the app create a social network of people ranking each other’s images. Profiles, chats and the function of adding friends all contribute to an app where if you're on it, you know what you're looking for. Get more info here…

Lets Talk Tech! Andriod Apps: Google Camera: The AOSP camera app has always been iffy and for those foraying into third-party apps, Google has introduced their own re-vamped, free option. Google Camera, available for all Android devices that are on Kit Kat (Nexus or not), will make your photography experience even better, and with a clean interface with above-par results to boot. Get more info here:// Read the full story at

Lets Talk Tech! *Andriod Apps* Carousel: How cool is this app?! Dropbox uses an image gallery connected to The Cloud storage service and it stores all of your life’s memories in one place. The great thing here is that you don’t have to fight with your phone’s storage issues anymore, this may be for you. Get more info here: Read the full story at

Let’s Talk Tech! Looking for a bit more convenience or some help to organise your life? IFTTT: This app helps to create and customise algorithms called ‘recipes’. You automate your life by programming your phone to accomplish certain tasks. It’s efficient, pretty easy to use and it matches a variety of activities, whether personal or business-oriented. The simple interface syncs perfectly with Gmail, Facebook and Twitter as well. Read the full article at