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From the Drawing Board

To ensure that the technical requirements are translated into an independent design language and genuine dream cars are create, AMG follows the basic principle of "form follows performance."
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At the beginning of the design phase, each designer creates sketches of the basis of the series car (SLS AMG).

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SLS AMG Black Series Design - the final step is the creation of flyers which aim to showcase the spirit of the car in a very emotional way.

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This image shows you the clay model before the foiling.

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At the end of the design process, the designer creates an emotional flyer with further sketches of the car.

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The spirit of the G class is timeless. It still remains iconic, raw, robust and unmistakable. With those design sketches, the G 63 AMG seems to be almost real.

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The G 63 AMG is one of the most powerful SUVs ever made. What you see is its final design direction. These sketches kept a good balance between the old character and the new elements of the G model.

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We want to provide you with an exclusive look into the design process of a car – the SLS AMG Coupé Black Series.

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With a strong passion in motor sport and fuel in his blood, one of our designers created a sketch of the C 63 AMG Coupé Black Series in action.

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A second design sketch of the ML 63 AMG - In this stage the designer tries to keep the sketches as emotional and abstract as possible.

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This sketch of the ML 63 AMG shows how the creative team is experimenting with different design themes before the final selection.

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