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Nobody knows your territory better than you do. Openmondo allows you to create a guide and travel the world through the eyes of the local people. CLIENT: STUDIO: Illo CREATIVE DIRECTOR&ILLUSTRATION: Ilenia Notarangelo ILLUSTRATION: Cristina Pasquale COPYWRITING: Luca Gonnelli ANIMATION&SOUND DESIGN: Matteo Ruffinengo



IHP+ is an initiative focused on accelerate improvements in health services and health outcomes by bringing key stakeholders in national and global health together. We had the amazing opportunity to work with the team at Fred&Eric to bring to life an animation that helped explain the important work that IHP+ does, using easy to understand language and a mix of different techniques to help the design and animation connect with the viewer. Art direction, design and animation: Fab Design ...



For the second time in a row ADCN approached us to create visuals for the annual ADCN Awards. This year we wanted to make it extra special because of the 50th anniversary so we collaborated with our friends at PlusOne Amsterdam and Woodwork. Together we created over 80 visuals, ranging from winner announcements, a nominations film and other unique visuals. Individually we all created a category leader inspired by this years theme of Blood, Sweat & Cheers and based on the ADCN brand…


ADCN | Craft Leader

Infomercial for Tripwell. Credits Director: Brikk Producer: Brikk Animation: Kristian Andersson, Neil Verhavert, Marcus Gestré, Sarann Singha Illustration: Gustaf Öhrnell SFX: Calle Wachtmeister


7 Rules of Tripwell

Cancer is terrible, random and almost impossible to predict, but did you know one third of all forms of cancer can be prevented by leading a healthy lifestyle? Cancerfonden is a swedish independent nonprofit organization founded 1951, with a vision to beat cancer. Animated in part by Viktor Khan.


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Directed by Buck Creative Director: Gareth O’Brien Executive Producer: Erica Ford Art Director: Lucas Brooking Design: Lucas Brooking, Josh Edwards, Gareth O’Brien, Pete McDonald, Matisse Gonzalez, Joe Donaldson, Brett King Animation: Lucas Brooking, Josh Edwards, Gareth O’Brien, Matisse Gonzalez


My Cloud Demo

Design in Experiences


Design in Experiences

Hotjar approached Beast Collective to come up with a promo video that introduces what they do to a new audience. We worked on bringing out Hotjar's personality and original tone of voice starting with a geeky but at the same time charming music track. The visuals followed this up-beat track while keeping the simple, clean and minimalistic style of the Hotjar brand. The story is based on guesstimations that web designers and developers make when building websites. Hotjar offers brands…


Nautilus explores the beautiful life of astrophysicist, France A. Cordova. Directed By - Colin Hesterly Production - Not To Scale Executive Producer - Eve Strickman Producer - Angela Foster Art Direction - Colin Hesterly Animation - Andy Kennedy, Joshua Jouppi, Aaron Kemnitzer, Hyo Bin Kang, Colin Hesterly Compositing - Colin Hesterly Client - Nautilus Art Director - Len Small Music Supervisor - Ben Davis Audio Post-Production - Peter DuCharme

Nautilus | France A. Cordova

Infomercial for Decode, about city planning the decode way. Credits Director: Brikk Producer: Brikk Illustration: Gustaf Öhrnell Animation: Kristian Andersson, Marcus Gestré, Neil Verhavert, Sarann Singha, Johannes Fast Sound design: Calle Wachtmeister Music: Calle Wachtmeister