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Hi-Fi explainer video

Here's a super fun project I made with the guys at Motion Authors ( Stay tuned, there's already more work in process :) Studio: Motion Authors ( Director: Ray East Animator: Fede Cook Illustrator: Dominic Flask Sound Design: Humberto Corte Writer: Brendan Carty Voiceover Artist: Joe Szymanski

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A woman becomes a legend. In Chapter 7 of Inside CHANEL, Gabrielle Chanel makes a triumphant return and impresses her style upon the world. Nearly half a century after her death, the style of CHANEL endures thanks to the genius of Karl Lagerfeld, who never ceases to cultivate, to reinvent, and to exalt its legacy.

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- 윤디자인 연구소 헤드라인 전용 서체 '머리정체 2' 출시 주제를 '강조'하거나 '다양'한 내용을 더 '쉽고' 간단하게! 보다 '명확'하고 '효과적'으로 전달하여 '주목성'을 높히다! 많은 사랑을 받은 윤디자인 스테디 셀러 '머리정체'를 현재의 감각으로 재탄생한 '머리정체2'와 각각의 뚜렷한 컬러로 제작된 'Navy, Olive, Cacao, Violet'까지 한층 더 생생해진 감각으로 눈길을 사로 잡는 헤드라인 전용 서체 '머리정체 2'를 'FONT.CO.KR'에서 만날 수 있습니다. '윤디자인 연구소' New display font ‘Meorijeongche 2’ has ...

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Production company - Creative Director - Anders Schroder Animation - Joakim Ulseth Post Producer - Louise Bejerholm Agency - &Co

Adidas global campaign promoting its sports, style and street lines. Montreal-based agency Sid Lee created and produced the global campaign, and approached us here at FormTroopers to work on the logo animations.

A new product that helps forex traders stay on top of this highly volatile and competitive market.

Chicago-based pre-media and digital agency Classic Color approached me with some great visuals to animate for a promo for their website. Client: Classic Color Creative: Josh Grotto Animation: Al Boardman Voiceover: Sam Scholl Music and Sound design: Echoic

Discovery Channel call us to develop the Promo for the launch of their new refreshed website They wanted a warm, dynamic and techy promo. Other important requirement was to be versatile in itself, so they could customize and change the slide-contents images every month. We build this clean and sophisticated Promo that reinforces the new look of the site. Visit us at -- CREDITS Produced for Discovery Channel / Client: Discovery ...

HERMES - "the Mechanics of Hermès Time"

Credits Client : La montre Hermès Concept, direction and screenplay : Alain Laurans - Henri Hayon Production: I-réel production Post-production and visual effects: I-réel Drawings : Philippe Dumas Soundtrack : Circonflex Prod Production director: Henri Hayon Production coordination: Joanna Brunet Technical supervision : Raphaël Garrigues Storyboard : Loïc Fontimpe 3D supervision: Henri Hayon 3D modeling : Bruno Jean - Catherine Palcine - ...