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Las Vegas, May 19, 2014

Short trip to Las Vegas by myself
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너무 예쁜 인공 하늘이 낮과 밤을 잊게 했다. Too beautiful and very impressed because of this artificial sky


베네시안 Canal 입성~! At Venetian Canal

Bellagio Hotel & Casino

공연 막바지에 가서 커튼 콜 처럼 인사할때 가서 무슨 공연인지 모르겠다. The opera which I do not know is on and it is closer to the end. Finally, I do not know the name of it. :(

Bellagio Hotel & Casino

노래가 울려서 더 예뻤고, 참 듣기 좋았다 :) She sings a love song for the couple on her boat. It seems so sweet.

The Las Vegas Strip

The Las Vegas Strip in Las Vegas, NV

The Las Vegas Strip

SDX 타러 벨라지오 호텔 앞으로 가는 중 On the way to Bellagio hotel

길거리 뷰 하나더~! I do not know what is the name of this wheel, but I really like to take a picture of this.

이제 베네시안 호텔로 향하는 중- 나와서 다시 찍은 거! The view of Paris hotel and the unknown bigger statue in front of Bellagio hotel on the street.

Paris Hotel & Casino

호텔 분수 쇼 보는 데 앞에 Paris hotel 이 너무 예뻐서~ :) While I see water show at Bellagio hotel, I also look at the manipulated Eiffel tower of Paris hotel in front of Bellagio hotel.