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Fight Scene by Sean Coleman. A three week animation test. The models are modified versions of the free Norman Rig with custom pieces added and rigged. The lantern and pistol models were created by me.


Mark Cosio DemoReel 2014

Mark Cosio Animator at Monolith Studios Here’s some of my work from Shadow of Mordor. I am an animator for Monolith Studios and my key roles on this project was mocap clean up, hand keying animations, mocap acting and combat choreography. A majority of the work shown here was done with mocap as a base to start with and then altered pretty heavily afterwards and polished. Other animations were just hand keyed work or a mix of hand keyed and mocap.


Animation Cartoon Jump Pratice

Haven't really done anything even remotely cartoony so here is my stepping stone into it... It's not really pushed but I felt like it was a good start for leading into next test. Keep checking this space as there will be others in the coming weeks. Rig via Animation Mentor


A selection of my Animation work, showcasing character performance. More to come soon!


Mery Project - Animation by Martín C. Amorós

Animation by Martín C. Amorós Mery Project Team: - Modeling, Look Development, Dynamic hair, Lighting & Compositing - Jose Manuel García - Character Setup & Tools Development - Antonio Méndez Lora

Big Hero 6 Animation Demo Reel - Michael Woodside

This is all of my work from Disney's Big Hero 6!

acting animation breakdown

I did this animation during the Animsquad winter term workshop and I wanted to share with you. Thanks to Animsquad and my mentor Brian Scott.

The Elf Shot Progression

The first think i wanted to do is to determine the cameras position and the entire flow of the shot so i did a simple Animatic where i had the character in position, and i could see the shot flow ,as well as seeing whether my thoughts were working. simply I'm very obsessed with blocking. and i love staying in Blocking stage as much as i could so i get to nail down every thing i want to see in the shot.. i shoot lots of video reference for my self. playing the two roles .where ...