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I changed few stuff for this director's cut. Done by: Oscar Salas Graphics concept, Color palette, Final graphics, Animation & motion graphics, 3D elements

ABOUT KOREAN exhibition(kor) by Vice Versa design studio. "ABOUT KOREAN"의 11글자에 맞춰 대한민국 사람들의 생활 속 11가지의 상황을 24시간의 흐름순으로 보여주는 ABOUT KOREAN exhibition 동영상


We launched Life to celebrate our first studio anniversary. Something to have fun with and to explore a new style in design, edition and animation. Idea, Direction & Production: Sebas and Clim Music: Aimar Molero

I worked with Very True Story to complete this project earlier in 2016. I storyboarded and designed the piece and also did some animation along with Adam Glickfield and Thiago Masci. Full Credits: Client: Simple Life Director: Adam Patch Producer: Kristin Almy Animation Director: Adam Glickfield Design + Animation: Allen Laseter Additional Animation: Thiago Masci, Adam Glickfield Music: Zack Wright Sound Design: Lichen Lion

fluid transitions, character rigging, slick keyframe animation


PavLOVE Party

Animation for my wedding party. Illustrations by my wife. Logo lettering by Vitaliy Khasan music: Brothers Johnson - Get The Funk Out Ma Face