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an orange cake with slices cut out on the side and surrounded by greenery next to it
... orange cheesecake | ...
grapefruit, ice cream and orange slices on a cutting board
Paper and Stitch | Bloglovin’
Thyme to Be Mine: Grapefruit Vanilla Thyme Ice Cream Recipe
an ice cream cone filled with macaroons and flowers
Think we're in heaven!
food pages // Laura Wall on behance User Interface Design, Web Design, Layout Design, Brochures, Layout, Menu Design, Clean Web Design Inspiration, Food Web Design, Website Design
Woolworths/Masterchef Recipe Placemats
food pages // Laura Wall on behance
a poster with different types of desserts and candies on it's sides
Ferroconcrete helped launch früute’s mini tart revolution by creating a comprehensive identity system that was applied across multiple brand touch points, including store design, interior and environmental design, website+packaging.
a poster showing different types of sandwiches on a blue background with the words, the one true perfect tomato sandwich
The Be-All-End-All Tomato Sandwich—& 4 Ways We Couldn't Leave it Alone
The Be-All-End-All Tomato Sandwich—& 4 Ways We Couldn't Leave it Alone | Food52
slices of watermelon are arranged on a plate with leaves and branches in the background
I think the idea of bringing in natural elements (the stick) into the picture. It gives it a very rustic feel.
a white plate topped with meat covered in sauce and garnished with cilantro
Roast langoustines with miso, coffee, grilled pineapple and Szechuan pepper recipe | In Pursuit of Food
Roast Langoustines with Miso, Coffee, Grilled Pineapple and Szechuan Pepper #betterhealthchef
Food photography tips and tricks Photography Lessons, Photography, Photography Tutorials, Photography Tips, Photo Editing, Photography Lighting Setup, Diy Photography, Photo Tricks, Photography Techniques
Food Props and Styling Resources for Photographers
Food photography tips and tricks
an assortment of different types of food on a table with one being rolled up in the shape of a spiral
a piece of cake sitting on top of a fork with raspberries and chocolate
chocOlate raspberry pancakes
spoons filled with different types of spices and herbs on a black surface, surrounded by leaves
Visualizing the Top Food Trend Predictions of 2015
Herbs and Spices by Natalia Klenova. - On aime le côté très ludique de la mise en place!
various fruits and vegetables are arranged in the shape of a triangle on a blue background
Online Creative Portfolios and Creative Jobs - The Loop
Still life of food, Art Direction and Styling Zoe Hodgens.
four ice cream cones with macaroni and cheese in them next to a makeup brush
macarons + icecream - um YES | food styling | food porn | by