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LG E91 monitor Picture #3 - HiTech Review

Aro – Air Purifier by Giuk Choi - Aro features mood lights and aroma dispensing based on the moods of the people in the room. To achieve this, it incorporates voice recognition system that senses the mood and tone of the voice of the people. | Yanko Design

Air Purifier Mimics the Benefits of Fresh Forest Air Inside the Home

photography by sang-sik pang / / Air purifier with tree-derived phytoncides to infuse indoor air with forest fresh feel.

15 Radical Redesigns For The TV Remote

5: Galeo – Raphaël Dutoit – ECAL | 15 Radical Redesigns For The TV Remote

Wind Bell – Air Cleaner and Aroma Dispenser by Kim Edo


GRO – air purifying

2015 LG Whisen 'Dual' Air-conditioner

Samsung Smart Air Conditioner with mobile and voice controls.