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a blueprinted poster showing various types of buildings and their architectural features, including the roof
Gallego Pachón . Madrid Cyclespace (17)
Gallego Pachón . Madrid Cyclespace (17)
an architectural diagram shows the various sections of a house and its surrounding area, with different angles
ID Team: 10292 - Artach4 (Stefania Mancino, Emanuele Rapicano, Mariagiulia La Pira, Federico Goldoni) - Italy
a black and white image of a castle on top of a mountain with lots of information about it
ID Team: 10638 - M+W (Luca Minguzzi, Filippo Forlati, Riccardo Pellegrino) - Italy
several different black and white images with some buildings in the middle one has trees on it
Gallery of YAC Announces the Winners of Castle Resort Competition - 39
Gallery of YAC Announces the Winners of Castle Resort Competition - 39
an architectural brochure showing the various buildings and streets in different directions, including one with
Analysis of different layers of buildings in the Heart of Sharjah site.
an abstract painting with blue and white lines on it's surface, including the water
International Research Centre
Mark Erickson. I think this is the architect in me, but I really really LOVE the detail of this piece. The watercolored water and terrain is so organic. The white masked hexagon pattern underlay has been so carefully executed, it really creates a third dymanic to the piece. The thin, crisp black ink outline distinguishes that map. This is awesome!
an aerial view of a city with tall buildings and power lines in the sky above it
a blueprinted poster with trees and buildings on it's side, in the middle
ID Team: 10765 - JPF (Joao Pedro Faria, João Carlos Lopes, Marta Macedo, Mariana Calvete) - Portugal
an aerial view of the house and its surrounding area, with diagrams showing how it would look
ID Team: 10582 - mimi (Brigida Sciancalepore, Letizia Chiapperino, Giuseppe Volpe, Fabio Michele Petruzzi, Serena Mallardi) - Italy
an architectural rendering of a house on top of a mountain
ID Team: 1970 - EGK Group (Balázs Kokas, Renáta Borbás, János Szigony, Andrea Engert, Márton Nagy) - Hungary
an image of a man standing in front of a house on top of a hill
ID Team: 11019 - Polonio (Jose Bonifacino, Rodrigo Echavarría, Alvaro Stolowicz) - Uruguay
an aerial view of the zuulu - baket and its surrounding area
International Wildlife Center, The Zulu Baskets, IWC1148