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The Ecosphere ensures that your friendly flora are running at their highest performance by giving them a convenient compost boost. The indoor composting/planter combination makes it easy to produce nutrient-rich humus with your leftover foods. #Green #Technology #Design #YankoDesign

Aro – Air Purifier by Giuk Choi - Aro features mood lights and aroma dispensing based on the moods of the people in the room. To achieve this, it incorporates voice recognition system that senses the mood and tone of the voice of the people. | Yanko Design

whoom7 -- Design a new music player device

Solo - Remote Access Device by Alex Morrison, via Behance

Rafl - an interactive speaker that allows users to select music through various motions such as flicking, pinching, and covering. on Industrial Design Served

15 Minutes Lamp by Hye Min Lee, Hye mi L... : おしゃれなだけじゃない 斬新!アイデアのデザイン雑貨 - NAVER まとめ