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한국공항공사 홍보영상 KAC 2014 홍보


ADT캡스 기업홍보영상 (2012)


20150729 롯데월드몰&롯데월드타워 홍보 영상(PR Film)_국문


Tiltle / PULMUONE PR Client / PULMUONE Time / 09:54 Director / Wonki Jo 2D Designer / Hyunhwan Song, Hogeun Ka



The aim of this project was focused on providing the audience and stakeholders with the essence of producing process in EEW. The art of creating EEW products is demonstrated phase by phase in value chain, considering all the aspects of client’s business core. We used practical low poly approach, with a view to make the presentation simple and coherent. Combining appropriate shapes and colours, and aiming to make operations analogical to real conditions were instrumental to exceptiona...

ADT캡스 기업홍보영상 (2014)

Presentation | for Installtechno