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Christian News

Christian news all around the world. What is happening biblically? Why do Christians around the world have to be alert? What will solve their worries and answer their questions?
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Seoul (서울특별시)

[Biblical end of the world sign] South Korea, homosexuality is almost legalized. The new law entails significant intrusion in human rights, educational rights, health rights, and religious rights. (SIGN to oppose this ridiculous law :


[곽노필의 미래창]드론 무인 배달 본격 시동

[Anti-Christ - NWO] - First Drone Delivery System tried and planned to be applied. Under name of 'convenience' people's lives will be controlled more.


[은혜로교회] 오만한 동성애자의 양심고백

21st century Christian Holocaust is happening NOW! Wake up Christians! Or else...!

이인규 자칭 "권사" 또 자칭 "이단 감별사" 은혜로교회와의 공개토론에서 또 도망하다!!!