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Music : Pack Ice by Keiichi Sugimoto Movie : Yuya Yamaguchi

NEW : check a little making-of video POLYPTYCH dives in a constant zoom-in in the modern status of fashion models as icons in a society of image where symbols and references are demultiplicated until they loose their meaning. The dynamic collage-artworks mix codes and compositions from religious imagery, classical and neo-classical architecture, with strong natural apocalyptic background textures and paint strokes. The compositions also include deconstructed ...

前田敦子 日本HP 「Love PC, Love HP 」 CM

MK12 // Stranger Than Fiction: Opening (© 2006 MK12)

メグとパトロン「流星ガール」 監督 大橋史(オオハシ・タカシ)

Tokyo_Anima! - 鼓動するピクセル - | 六本木アートナイト2014