The beige may have a point because it would be super hard to see the clear elements on a white background, lets see what apple did for the lenses

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Now here’s a unique activity tracker. This one isn’t just made for humans, but for their four legged companions too. Design #Tech #Technology Creative Innovative Technical Electrical YankoDesign #Swagnologies

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Water is confusing. Can’t make up its mind, whether it wants to be ice or snow. Either way, you got to break your back shoveling your sidewalk. Luckily, the Ice Breaking Shovel is a nifty multi-tool, because frozen water can be such a double-sided affair. Use it either as an ice cracking tool, or an ice shoveling tool.

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FEEL - TER : Water purifier for blind on Behance

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ICONE by Tim DEFLEUR, via Behance

Kitchen Appliances on Industrial Design Served

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