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Rolling in the Deep | Yanko Design


It’s not rocket science, but doing dishes right can get a bit annoying, especially when they are super greasy. I love this Folded Dish Sponge concept that has a dedicated scrub slot integrated to the spongy middle, so that you can have squeaky-clean dishes. Simple and innovative.

The 'Dynamic Traffic Cone' is an environmentally friendly cone that lights up the way via its solar powered LED lights that make them more noticeable at night – even at a distance... READ MORE at Yanko Design !

Galleries | Spark Awards

The Sawdust Sucker | The average person doesn’t keep a shop-vac handy, so it’s likely that you know just how irritating it can be to have dust and debris flying all over the place (especially in your eyes) when you’re using a drill! This ingenious device called the Motorless Vacuum uses the drills own rotational power to move the internal fan and create suction which draws dust into the reservoir. After you’re finished drilling, just remove the peripheral and dump the sawdust!:

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Water is confusing. Can’t make up its mind, whether it wants to be ice or snow. Either way, you got to break your back shoveling your sidewalk. Luckily, the Ice Breaking Shovel is a nifty multi-tool, because frozen water can be such a double-sided affair. Use it either as an ice cracking tool, or an ice shoveling tool.

Hold th Hope - emergency hammer

Hold th Hope - emergency hammer