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an image of two penguins and one penguin holding a knife with the caption's description in russian
Мемы про огород
a tall brick tower with graffiti on it's side next to a fence and power lines
a large white bird standing on top of a sidewalk
two texts that are both in russian and english, one has an image of the same person on it
the words are written in russian and english
a blue bus parked next to a white car
two screenshots with the same text on one screen and an image of another
two pictures of a bird with a worm in it's mouth
a poster with an image of a toothbrush and tape on the bottom, in russian
an image of a man standing in the water
a man holding up a yellow card in front of another man on a soccer field
two doctors are performing surgery in an operating room with the caption that reads,
broccoli florets cooking on the grill with words that say, nooo not the dulingo bird on the grill
a bowling ball with a stick stuck in it