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the curtains are colored in different colors
シアーカーテンフェア開催中 | GRANDDECOR(グランデコール)
シアーカーテンフェア開催中 | GRANDDECOR(グランデコール)
Industrial Design Trends and Inspiration - leManoosh Reeded Glass, Glass Furniture, Swedish Design, Life Design, Objects Design, Architecture Model, 인테리어 디자인, Glass Design, Minimal Design
Industrial Design Trends, Online Courses and Jobs - leManoosh
Industrial Design Trends and Inspiration - leManoosh
three glass tubes with different colors on them
주목할 만한 소재
월간 디자인 : 주목할 만한 소재 | 매거진 | DESIGN 아크릴과 색소로 온도를 시각화한 조명 퍼스트 셀시어스 온도를 색감과 빛으로 시각화한 아크릴 조명으로, 금형을 만들어 대량으로 찍어내는 방식이 아닌 깎아 만드는 NC 가공법으로 제작했다. 투톤 그러데이션을 분사 형태로 도색하는 방법을 연구했으며, 모서리를 최소화해 마모에 대한 문제점을 없애고 빛이 은은하게 퍼지도록 했다.
a roll of toilet paper sitting on top of a white wall
002 inconvenience store — all sides water
밑면에 immaterial myx 2018/2019 lotteadvanced material 안쪽에 색감 보여주고 윗면 메탈감. 오링 삽입( 안쪽 움직이게 옆면 조그/ 위면 고정) 윗면 타공( 스피커)
an image of a white carpet with the words kvadart on it
LG Beats tag
LG Beats tag
three wooden brooches sitting on top of each other in front of a white wall
Geometric Coasters // - Selected by Guest Pinner @xxgastronomista from the #gastronomista gift guide.
a group of colorful blocks sitting next to each other
Kvadrat – Shapes, 2010 (Campaign) | Graphic Thought Facility
'Graphic Thought Facility is a London-based design consultancy with an international reputation for appropriate, effective and original solutions. Recent commissions include store environments for M, exhibition design for the Science Museum, books for the Gagosian Gallery, wayfinding for Vitra, and campaigns for Kvadrat and the Frieze Art Fair.' Campaign Kvadrat – Shapes 2010
three different views of the same room with black and white furniture, including a table lamp
The Marilyn Monroe of Speaker Design - Yanko Design
I digress. I can get overly passionate about anything audio, going on, ranting and raving about how awesome it may be. Now when speakers like the Pavilion Wireless Speakers come along, I really can’t contain myself. #Speaker #Design #YankoDesign
six different shades of paint on a white surface, including one dark gray and one light pink
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a white light hanging from the ceiling with a long cord on it's end
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Waypoint — Cirrus — StudioBrichetZiegler
black metal texture background with dots and horizontal lines in the center, on top of each other
speaker hole patterns