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Japanese cosmetics have already won over many celebrity make-up artists, including Lisa Eldridge and Troy Surratt, and everyday cosmetic users have also increasingly started to look to the Far East for beauty products. “Japanese brands excel in packaging and device design,” says BeautyMART Co-Founder Anna-Marie Solowij. “Their cosmetics and skincare products are exciting because they’re novel and exotic and they’re popular thanks to their high quality and innovation, for the same reason as…

Pisces constellation tattoo done up to look like freckles :) my third tattoo from Kyrsta Lannigan at Hot rod Bettie's in Salem, OR ~~~

Native American Animal Symbols and Their Meanings

My Giraffe Henna tattoo on wrist...I love it! #tattoo #giraffe #henna

The giraffe Tattoo I Pinned awhile back, now on me forever with a touch of A very important person added.

Giraffe tattoo I'm really into this tat I think I might just get it I the future.

Jorge vilella OMG I love this! Mum and baby Giraffe were always going to be my thigh piece!

giraffe tattoo<3 @Heather Creswell Creswell Creswell Raynack Ink

GiRAFFE - such detail and perfect lines...WOW I Love this Tattoo & I know I said my next tat was going to be a portrait of JoJo & the flowers around him,but since Im so picky about whos going to do it because it is a portraitI think Ive just found my next tat.Giraffes are JoJos Animal & symbol & this has so much detail which is more like me so it all most seems like it was made for me & him <3