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"Farm near Glendale" - 1916 ~ By Piet Mondrian

Inuit girl, Katovik, Barter Island, Alaska, USA:

Houses Seen from the Back, 1885 - 1886, Vincent van Gogh, Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam (Vincent van Gogh Foundation)

Amantes 124" Acrílico / Tabla 40 x 40 cm. Nicoletta Tomas Caravia © Nicoletta 2012

Erhard Löblein - Born in 1932 in Marktbreit / Unterfranken. After high school training as a commercial artist (graphic design). Studio director and ArtDirector in different companies in Baden-Wuerttemberg and Bavaria. 1967 Moved to North Rhine-Westphalia. ArtDirector and creative director in Düsseldorf, Wuppertal and again in Düsseldorf.

'Homme et femme' (1921) by Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso ۩۞۩۞۩۞۩۞۩۞۩۞۩۞۩۞۩ Gaby Féerie créateur de bijoux à thèmes en modèle unique ;➜ ۩۞۩۞۩۞۩۞۩۞۩۞۩۞۩۞۩

daschund! @Yvette Herrmann Sorry Yvette anytime I see a wiener doggy I think of you and Shawn :)